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Agility Roundup: Good Stuff on the Internet!

It’s time for another Agility Roundup, the somewhat-regular series where I link to stuff you should check out if you’re a bored agility enthusiast! Here goes:

  • How to Use an Agility Table for Fun or Sport – Hey wait, I wrote this one! (So you better read it!) It’s an article I contributed to that takes you through training the table start-to-finish.
  • The Bad Dog Agility Power 60 has been updated through February, if you want to know which AKC dogs are running really really really fast.
  • NeverMind Dogs (video) – Just watch it. Or don’t. Whatever.
  • 2014 Americas Y El Caribe – This event was held in Lima, Peru last week. Huge congrats to my friend Rita and her awesome Cocker Spaniel, Lucy, on winning the small dog combined event!

And if you missed it, here’s what I have contributed to the blog-o-sphere lately…

Finch the English Springer Spaniel on Agility Table
Finally – Finch pictures! I do love this little brown dog. (Photo courtesy of Katie Rogers at Smiling Wolf Photography)

Did I miss something interesting this week? Tell me about it! I’m always looking for new blogs to read and videos to watch. Leave a comment and let me know what I should check out next.

Agility Roundup: What You Might’ve Missed

Willow the Husky Reads Developing Jumping Skills
Willow wants to make sure she doesn’t miss anything. (Photo by Smiling Wolf Photography)

Every so often, I’d like to share a list of interesting, dog-related things I watched or read. If you’re not on Facebook often, you might miss these links, so welcome to Agility Roundup – a maybe-sorta-weekly “column” of agility links to check out!

Here’s what got me thinking this week…

  • R Dog vs. E Dog by Emily Hurt. Which type of agility dog do you have? Which type do you want to have?
  • Dogs’ brain scans reveal vocal responses” reported by BBC News. New research supports something dog lovers have suspected all along – dog brains and human brains respond to human voices, crying, and laughter in the same way.
  • Injuries Affecting Agility Dogs by Nancy Kay, DVM. A review of the published results of a survey about agility-related injuries in dogs. There are some unexpected risk factors here – this is a must-read for all agility participants!
  • How to Perform Canine Squats using FitPAWS Exercise Equipment by Louisiana Veterinary Referral Center. This is an excellent way to strengthen your dog’s hindquarters and core muscles. The video is short and sweet, and demonstrates a LOT of different ways to do the same exercise (with and without a variety of props).
  • If We’re Lucky by Meg at Unstoppabolt. A welcome reminder to cherish every run we have with our dogs and not get too caught up in the results. In the grand scheme of things, results don’t matter, but our relationships with our dogs do.

And here’s what I contributed to the blogosphere…

Did I miss anything? Leave a comment and let me know!