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Our Trip to AKC Agility Nationals 2014: Part Two

In part one of this series, I wrote about the trials leading up to Nationals and our trip to PA. Today I’ll recap the actual competition!


We started the day by driving to the nearest Starbucks so I could become sufficiently caffeinated. (This is a necessary dog show ritual.) It was empty in there, so they didn’t bother asking us for a name to write on the cup. It wasn’t until after we left that we realized the barista was a kindred spirit:

Get pumped! It's TUUKKA TIME!
Get pumped! It’s TUUKKA TIME!

For those who are not aware, Dan’s favorite thing in the entire world is hockey, specifically the Boston Bruins. I’m a big fan, too, (and I liked Tuukka Rask before he was cool, I’ll have you know) but not the way he is – he isĀ obsessed with hockey. This is why all of Strata’s gear is black and gold, and I dress to match him accordingly.

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