Product Review: The Honest Kitchen Kindly Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen Kindly Dog Food Base MixThe Honest Kitchen recently sent us some samples of one of their new base mixes, Kindly, for the boys to try.

If you’re not familiar with The Honest Kitchen, they are one of the most innovative pet food companies. All of their products are human-grade. Not just made with human-grade ingredients, but actually human-grade - you could eat this if you wanted to. (I’ve heard their employees do just that!) Their products are also GMO-free, and no ingredients are sourced from China.

Their dog and cat food is dehydrated, so all you have to do is add water. This makes it really convenient for traveling and flying. When we flew to a couple of agility events last year, I put Strata’s food for an entire week in a ziplock baggie at the bottom of my purse. I don’t recommend trying that with a week’s worth of canned food!

Strata, Finch, and Spark have already been eating THK’s original base mix Preference almost daily. Strata eats their grain-free fish formula Zeal on a regular basis, since it’s the only food we can find that keep weight off of him! (I wrote a review of Zeal on Spring Forth Dog Blog last year.) Their products are a great compliment to the homemade raw diet my dogs typically eat.

The Honest Kitchen Kindly vs. Preference

Kindly differs from Preference in that it does not contain sweet potatoes, which have a high glycemic index. Finch has struggled with some topical yeast infections recently, and I’ve heard sweet potatoes can contribute to yeast. By contrast, Kindly’s first ingredient is organic carrots, which have literally half the glycemic index of sweet potatoes.

While we’re playing the comparison game, Kindly is slightly higher in calories (370 per cup vs. Preference’s 333 per cup), fat (10% vs. 6%), and fiber (12.8% vs. 10%) than Preference. You can compare all of The Honest Kitchen’s base mixes side-by-side on their website. How handy! (Their other new base mix which I have not mentioned here is called Hale. It contains whole grains, which I prefer not to feed to my dogs.)

Taste Test

The samples of Kindly that we were provided were more finely ground in contrast to Preference, which often contains larger pieces of food. Otherwise, it was pretty similar to what we were used to with THK products.

The Honest Kitchen Kindly - Before
“Before” – how Kindly looks straight out of the box.
"After" - Kindly with water added.
“After” – Kindly with water added.

All three of our dogs devoured Kindly without a second thought. None of our dogs have ever refused a product from The Honest Kitchen, so this isn’t a big surprise, although Finch can be finicky about vegetables.

All things considered, I will absolutely be buying a box of Kindly! For our dogs, it’s even healthier than Preference, since its ingredients have a much lower glycemic index. I’ll still use Preference from time to time to add variety, but I think Kindly will be our new staple.

Many thanks to The Honest Kitchen for providing not only the samples of food, but also the pictures after my camera had a crisis!