Product Review: The Honest Kitchen Quickies Dog Treats

Quickies Dog Treats - Perfect for Dog TrainingSeveral weeks ago, The Honest Kitchen sent us samples of their pure haddock dog treats, Quickies, to review. So, I need to start off this blog post by apologizing for how long it took for me to write this post! (Astute blog readers will notice the blog looks a bit different. That’s because WP 4.0 broke it, and my backup didn’t contain the layout files… let’s just say the last month has been a bit of a challenge.)

Back to the treats!

I’m a THK diehard, but I have to be honest – I never had any desire to purchase Quickies. Why? Because so many companies make single ingredient dog treats. And Quickies are kind of pricey. What could possibly make them better than all of those other treats?

My Verdict: Quickies Dog Treats are Awesome!

I was blown away. Seriously. These are the best dog treats I’ve tried this year. (And I go through approximately 5 pounds of treats a week at Spring Forth Dog Academy, so let’s just say I have my hands on a lot of treats.)

Quickies Dog Treats - Perfect for Dog TrainingThey remind me of candy for dogs, except they’re super healthy because they contain only one ingredient. They’re compressed into little heart shapes, making them almost the size and consistency of a piece of kibble.

This means you can use them in the Treat and Train (aka Manners Minder) remote dog treat dispenser! There are very few grain-free, low-ingredient treats that are compatible with this device, so this is a big deal for me. 

And they don’t crumble at all. Really! Well, maybe if you step on one hard enough… but definitely not in your pocket.

Quickies are also extremely low calorie: 1.1 calorie per treat! When you have a dog who gets fat on air (I’m looking at you, Strata) that’s a huge benefit. They’re off-white in color, which gives them great contrast against my orange training mats and caramel-hued living room carpet.

Like all products made by The Honest Kitchen, these great little training treats are human-grade and contain no ingredients from China. The only ingredient is line-caught wild Icelandic Haddock. So, you can feel good about giving them to your dog!

The packaging for these treats is also unique. They come in a small tube that reseals tightly to keep them fresh. If I had to pick one thing to nitpick about these treats, it’s that the lid of the tube can be a little hard to remove sometimes. (That’s really the only thing I can complain about – the top of the tube!)

If you’re looking for a high value, fishy training treat that’s low on ingredients and high on awesomeness, look no further than The Honest Kitchen Quickies. (Psst – they ship free from Clean Run!)

Many thanks to The Honest Kitchen for providing not only the product, but also the photos for this review. 

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